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Activity name RINFOR: Development of a Resource for the Improvement of National Nuclear Forensics Gamma Spectrometric Core Capabilities 
NKS-B Research Area Measurement strategies, technology and quality assurance
Project summary

Nuclear forensics, within the context of the entities who participate in NKS activities, can be described as the comprehensive analysis of nuclear or radioactive material that is out of regulatory control. While the more advanced methodologies likely to be brought to bear during the later stages of a forensics examination are beyond the capabilities or resources of many countries, individual states are expected to be able to bring to bear "core capabilities" in the initial phases. For most countries these core capabilities will be based upon analytical methodolgies already available on the national level. In this context, gamma spectrometry remains preeminent as most countries possess the instrumentation and personell resources. While most countries are in a position to bring to bear gamma spectrometric resources as part of the early phases of a nuclear forensics investigation, a lack of experience or practice opportunities presents a potential hurdle in the development of a countries core capabilities. Access to to the materials that present the most significant challenges with respect to the early phases of a nuclear forensics investigation are, by necessity, strictly limited and even in the event of such access being possible, the variabilities in the age or composition of those materials is difficult to address. The RINFOR project will work to address these  problems in the following manner. The consortium will develop and test a series of gamma spectra sets for a range of materials that present the greatest potential challenges for a gamma spectrometric appraisal in the early phases of an investigation and for which access to is difficult or impossible for most entities. These materials will be primarily plutonium and uranium materials of various ages and compositions. The materials will be produced for a number of detector types and in a number of configurations with respect to resolution etc. Materials will be produced in common and standard spectrum formats. All the materials will be produced using Monte Carlos procedures to ensure that the nuances of the gamma spectra of such materials is represented. The materials will be then be analysed in depth by the consortium both with respect to the comprehensitivity of the materials represented and the quality of the spectral materials. A consortium workshop will then bring together the results, produce reccomendations, make amendments etc. Once the workshop is finished and the conclusions addressed, a report will be produced describing the materials and their derivation. The materials will then be released to interested parties as party of an NKS Gamma Seminar in 2020 which will be devoted in part to addressing the analysis of the materials by participants in the seminar. Once the seminar of 2020 is finished, the materials will be placed on the NKS website for dissemination.  

Lead Organization Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA), Norway
Contact Person Mark Dowdall
phone number: +47 67162546


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