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Activity name RAPID-TECH: Application of Rapid and Automated Techniques in Radiochemical Analysis
NKS-B Research Area Measurement strategies, technology and quality assurance
Project summary

Rapid sample processing techniques such as automation using flow injection (FI), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or vacuum box, on-line detection and other effective sample treatment approaches (microwave assisted digestion, alkaline fusion, co-precipitation) are desirable in radionuclide determination for emergency preparedness, environmental monitoring, nuclear decommissioning and waste management to achieve fast analysis, and high sample throughput with low labor intensity and cost.

Within the Nordic countries, a few laboratories working with radiochemistry have initiated R&D in developing rapid radiochemical methods using different rapid and effective sample treatment techniques. However, the exploration of rapid techniques is still a fresh area, and very little has been done to share experiences and knowledge on this topic among the Nordic countries. In this activity, the problems and needs in developing rapid radiochemical methods will be screened and identified via gathering research groups in the Nordic countries. Applications of distinct rapid sample processing techniques to improve the simplicity and analytical efficiency in radioassays for determination of the most common radioisotopes will be explored and assessed.

The activity is planned to continue for two years: 1st year: Screening current needs and problems in development of rapid radioanalytical methods, identification of processes/operations wherein rapid techniques can be potentially applied to improve the analytical efficiency. Preliminary experimental results and progresses in the application of rapid techniques in radiochemical procedures will be presented (Interim Report at the end of the first year). 2nd year: Further optimization and inter-comparison exercises for determination of radionuclides (e.g., Sr-90, actinides) using rapid and effective sample treatment techniques. Assessment of analytical performance and identification of strengths and weaknesses, challenges and future work to be done. (Final Report of the activity).

Lead Organization DTU-NUTECH, Denmark
Contact Person Jixin Qiao
phone number: +45 46775367

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