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RADWORKSHOP: Workshop on Radioanalytical Chemistry for Nuclear Decommisioning and Waste Management




NKS-B Research Area Measurement strategy, technology and quality assurance  



The proposed activity aims at organizing a one-week workshop (including 3-day lecture and 2-day practical tutoring) in radioanalytical chemistry (RadWorkshop 2018) with focus on nuclear decommissioning and waste management. This workshop will aim to create a network for all the partners in connection with nuclear decommissioning operations within the Nordic nuclear field to review the import role of radioanalytical chemistry played in effective radioactive waste management.

The two previous RadWorkshop were organized in 2010 and 2013, respectively, with the scope of general aspects in radioanalytical chemistry, typically related to radioecology and environmental radioactivity. The new proposed RadWorkshop 2018 will specifically focus on radioanalytical chemistry for nuclear decommissioning and waste management, where the target analytes, analytical approaches and challenges are much different from radioecology and environmental radioactivity.

We believe the proposed workshop will aid education and knowledge sharing for Nordic scientists to optimize the application of radioanalytical chemistry in nuclear decommissioning and waste management. More efficient radiochemical analysis will be boosted when these experiences are well shared among Nordic labs, especially these hands-on experiences obtained in practice which are valuable sources for the newly established radiochemistry labs or scientists/students in Nordic nuclear community to quickly build up competence in performing the analyses, which are in high demand in the Nordic community. All important findings and discussion points of the workshop will be carefully documented in the final report to build a common Nordic platform.


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Lead Organization Technical University of Denmark (DTU)  
Contact Person Jixin Qiao
phone number: +45 2179 8724


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