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Activity name NUFORNOR: Nuclear forensics within a Nordic context
NKS-B Research Area Measurement strategies, technology and quality assurance
Project summary

 According to the IAEA (IAEA, 2006), "Nuclear forensics is the analysis of intercepted illicit nuclear or radioactive material and any associated material to provide evidence for nuclear attribution. The material could be recovered from capture of unused, often illicit, materials, which is out of regulatory control, or from e.g. the radioactive debris following a nuclear explosion from an improvised nuclear device (IND) or a radiological dispersal device (RDD). Internationally, nuclear forensics is a strong discipline encompassing several scientific fields and a broad spectrum of techniques that provide powerful tools to identify the sources and production methods of materials and thereby attribute the materials and/or nuclear device to its origin. Furthermore, nuclear forensics can elucidate the key features of a detonated nuclear device. Thus, the Nordic community would benefit from acquiring more knowledge and competence on nuclear forensics and the analytical techniques available within this discipline. Nuclear forensics poses a technically complex challenge both for the scientific and the law enforcement communities and difficulties involved especially for attribution processes, should not be underestimated. Challenges in nuclear forensics analysis include handling of nanometer to micrometer radioactive particles, availability of the best suitable or required analytical equipment, cross-contamination issues etc. A variety of techniques such as mass spectrometry, X-ray spectrometry and microanalytical techniques such as synchrotron radiation based nano and micrometer X-ray techniques may together with early detection systems, improve the information that can be obtained if implemented in nuclear forensics analysis. Therefore, the present project is highly relevant to both measurement technology and emergency preparedness. The project involves at least two young scientists. The project aims to strengthen the competence of nuclear forensics and to increase the collaboration within this field in the Nordic countries.

Lead Organization NMBU, Ås, Norway
Contact Person

Ole Christian Lind

phone number: +47 6723 1881




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