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Activity name

NORCOP-COAST: Nuclear icebreaker traffic and transport of radioactive materials along the Nordic coastline: response systems and cooperation to handle accidents


NKS-B Research Area Emergency Preparedness
Project summary

The maritime traffic in the Arctic region is already considerable and it is expected to increase in the future years.This also includes traffic of nuclear icebreakers and transport of radioactive materials along the Nordic coastline. The increase in nuclear cargo traffic in its turn increases risks for potential accidents resulting in spread of radioactive materials into the terrestrial and marine environments and thus put additional pressure on monitoring and responding authorities, coastguards and rescue services. Due to the cross-border nature of potential accidents there is a need for direct cooperation between neighboring countries in order to discuss preparedness systems, interaction and potentials for mitigating consequenses of different accidents as well as assissting each other, when needed.

In this project we propose to invite relevant authorities from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland to a 2-days workshop in Tromsų, Norway in order to discuss:

- existing emergency preparedness systems in case of accidents along the Nordic coastline with the involvement of nuclear icebreakers, radwastes and spent nuclear fuel; '

- possible scenarios and capabilities in each countries (resources, mobile services, decision support systems, models, etc.);

- notification procedures;

- interactions between countries.

The considered cases and routes are:

1. Northern Sea Route - nuclear icebreakers traffic;

2. Traffic of nuclear icebreakers from Murmansk to the Finnish Bay;

3. Transport of spent nuclear fuel from Europe to the Baltic Sea;

4. Transport of spent nuclear fuel from Poland to Murmansk.

The main output of the workshop will be an overview of existing systems in each country and ways of handling the accidents mentioned above, overview of responsible organisations and procedures, plans for interaction with neighboring countries (notification and assistance), establishment of contacts between involved organisations and people.

Based on the results of the proposed workshop, there will be organised a joint Nordic execise as a separate activity (follow-up after the NKS project).

Lead Organization Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA), Norway
Contact Person

Inger M. Eikelmann  

phone number: +47 6716 2680



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