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ICP-BIODEC: Application of Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry to Long-lived Actinides Measurements in Biological and Nuclear Decommissioning Samples 




NKS-B Research Area Measurement strategy, technology and quality assurance  



The activities in the project include a series of inter-comparison exercises focusing on the application of ICP-MS techniques for the measurement of long-lived actinides in biological and decommissioning samples, which have been very rarely selected for interlaboratory comparison in the Nordic community. It is believed that carrying out such intercomparison exercises would add credits 1) to evaluate the performances of different types of ICP-MS instruments used among the Nordic laboratories for radiochemical analyses; 2) to consolidate the network of experts/young scientists/students among Nordic countries and prompt knowledge sharing for all members in applying ICP-MS techniques in the nuclear field including organisations involved in decommissioning operations and emergency management; and 3) to gain more new knowledge and experience in processing relatively new sample matrices which are not commonly performed in most Nordic radio-analytical laboratories.  





Lead Organization Technical University of Denmark (DTU)  
Contact Person Jixin Qiao
phone number: +45 2179 8724


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