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Activity name

NORDUM: Intercomparison of Nordic Unmanned Aerial Monitoring Platforms


NKS-B Research Area Emergency Preparedness
Project summary

The use of unmanned aerial platforms for radiation monitoring purposes during emergency response operations has received much attention over recent years, such platforms appearing to offer significant advantages in terms of capital and deployment costs, flexibility, etc. The Nordic countries have not been remiss in adopting such platforms but there has been little in the way of technical or practical exchange in the matter. In-situ and mobile/aerial measurements in the Nordic countries have benefitted substantially over the years from opportunities for the countries to exercise in tandem facilitating technical exchanges, increased competence and increased awareness of capabilities of the other countries. The NORDUM activity provides an opportunity for field testing of unmanned aerial platforms. This will be achieved by the placement of actual radiation sources at an open site which will then be made available to the participants to make measurements. Over the course of a number of days, different sources and configurations are used to fully test the teams and their platforms in terms of source location, identification and activity estimates. A seminar is held at the end of the field activities such that teams have a chance to present their results, discuss challenges and successes and present future plans. The activity is open to both operators of such platforms as well as countries not operating such systems yet but who would like to observe such systems in action. The activity also focuses on generation of educational and informational material that may be used in future cross reach activities between operators and entities such as police or customs who may not be aware of the capabilities of such platforms in relation to emergency response in radiological situations.    


Lead Organization Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA)
Contact Person

Kasra Tazmini 

phone number: +47 6716 2697


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