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Activity name

NORCO II: Nordic Cosms


NKS-B Research Area Radioecology and environmental assessments
Project summary

We continue (on the basis of the NORCO 2016 activity) using the ecosystem approach through microcosm studies to investigate the impact of radionuclides on marine ecosystems, in particular the Baltic Sea. The Baltic is one of the most radioactive seas in the world, while it is continuously subjected to substantial eutrophication and pollution, which potentially alters the transfer and fate of radionuclides. Most laboratory studies of ecological aspects of uptake of radionuclides have focused on individual organisms or species. For example; fish after the Fukushima accident. An ecosystem approach that includes the complexity of species interactions and other ecological processes is vital to have a holistic understanding of how radionuclides can be distributed in aquatic food-webs. This is particularily important for the Baltic sea ecosystem, where new proposals for nuclear power plants have been granted along its coastline. We therefore wish to use microcosms and mesocosms similar to the NORCO 2016 method to investigate uptake and transfer of radionuclides relevant for Nordic ecosystems. Mesocosms experiments using radionuclides will be carried out at Stockholm University, and the University of Finland will investigate what kind of infrastructure and what kind of experiments are possible under the regulations concerning safe use of radionuclides.  

Lead Organization Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA)
Contact Person Tanya H. Hevrøy
phone number: +47 67 16 25 05 


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