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NISI: Nordic in situ gamma intercomparison


NKS-B Research Area Emergency Preparedness
Project summary

After nuclear accidents with atmospheric releases, such as the Chernobyl- and the Fukushima-accident, where large areas were contaminated with radioactive elements like Cs-134, Cs-137, I-131 and other short-lived isotopes, it is important for authorities to have rapid methods to determine the composition and level of the fallout. This information will be necessary for prediction of doses and decision of countermeasures. Methods that can be used for this purpose includes soil sampling, aerial gamma surveys and in situ gamma spectrometry.

In situ gamma spectrometry is a fast and established technique for site characterization. While this technique has been well-known for a number of years, it is still under development in some Nordic countries. There is a need to harmonize measurement procedures, applied models and dissemination of results between Nordic countries in order to accurately compare results and provide bilateral assistance.

The NKS NISI (Nordic In Situ Intercomparison) activity aims to provide an opportunity for quality assurance, sharing of knowledge and to discuss harmonization of methods in the development of this capacity. The activity includes a joint intercomparison field exercise and a one-day seminar on in situ gamma spectrometric measurements in which results are presented. The location of the seminar is the Jotunheimen area of Norway, which contains suitably well characterized and homogeneous areas of deposited Cs-137. It will be possible to take soil core samples in order to estimate activity depth distributions.

Lead Organization Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA)
Contact Person Alexander Mauring
phone number: +47 67 16 26 41


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