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Activity name NEXUS: Nordic EXercise for Unmanned Systems
NKS-B Research Area Emergency Preparedness
Project summary

The Nordic countries have a growing competence in radiation measurements utilizing unmanned aircraft systems. The NKS activities SemUnARS in 2014 and NORDUM in 2016 have benefited the Nordic exchange and growth of knowledge and experiences in the topic.

The NORDUM exercise in 2016 was the first joint Nordic exercise for unmanned systems. The NEXUS exercise further expands the challenges to urban environments, contaminated fields and scenarios for fixed wing systems. The exercise includes an open, joint exercise scenario where the teams can observe each other’s systems and techniques directly. The following scenarios include small areas for rotary wing UAVs searching for point sources, larger areas for fixed wing UAVS searching for point sources and assessment of contaminated areas, and surveys in urban environment.


The teams are to report their result to a reach-back function. The reports are evaluated according to value as decision support to the scenario.


A seminar will be held at the end of the field activities such that teams will have a chance to present their results, discuss challenges and successes, and present future plans. The NEXUS exercise will thereby acquire competence and capabilities in the Nordic countries, for rotary wing as well as fixed wing systems.


The tentative exercise location is the Björka exercise field in the south of Sweden. Radiation Physics at Lund University have hosted several exercises within the Swedish RN preparedness expert organization and will contribute with radioactive point sources and ground dispersion mimicking a fresh fall-out.


Each team holding a domestic UAV license applies for a temporary (3 month) license in a compatible cathegory to the Swedish Transport Agency.


NEXUS can be held in nexus with the proposed NKS-B RUN, adding an extra seminar day.


The activity will be open for observers. 

Lead Organization Linköping University, Sweden
Contact Person Magnus Gårdestig
phone number: +46 10 103 2895


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