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Activity name

ECONORMS: Radioecological transfer factors for Nordic subpopulations for assessment of internal committed dose from atmospheric fallout of radiocaesium 


NKS-B Research Area Emergency Preparedness
Project summary

This work is an extension of the method used by Rääf et al. (2006), where whole body burden of Cs-137, measured by whole body counting, is related to the county average deposition density. By classifying each measured individual into various subpopulations based on living habits, e.g. farmers, hunters or urban populations, it is possible to assign an ecological transfer factor for each of these subpopulations. The method was successfully applied in a recent publication by Tondel et al. (2017), regarding Swedish hunters in the counties most affected by fallout from the Chernobyl accident. Our aim with this activity is to derive ecological transfer factors for other Nordic countries and population groups and thus enable modelling of internal doses to various subpopulations after a fallout event that can be used as a simple but comprehensive guidance for Nordic decision makers.

Lead Organization University of Gothenburg
Contact Person Mats Isaksson
phone number: +46 70 593 14 61


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