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NKS-B RadWorkshop 16-20 November 2009

Session 1: General aspects on Radioanalytical Chemistry


Use of precipitation, ion exchange, solvent extraction and extraction chromatography in radiochemical separations

Jukka Lehto, University of Helsinki, Finland.


Dynamics of spent nuclear fuel dissolution and radionuclide migration

Mats Jonsson, KTH, Sweden.


Speciation analysis of radionuclides

Brit Salbu, UMB, Norway.


Determination of radionuclides for decommissioning of nuclear facility and its environment

Wangsuo Wu, Lanzhou University China.


Emerging needs for physicochemical analyses in connection with radiological terror preparedness

Kasper G. Andersson, Risø-DTU, Denmark.



Session 2: Sampling and measurement techniques


Sampling and pre-concentration techniques for environmental radioactivity analysis

Per Roos, Risø-DTU, Denmark.


Gamma spectrometry and beta counting used for monitoring of environmental radioactivity at Risø

Sven P. Nielsen, Risø-DTU, Denmark.


Liquid scintillation counting, principle and applications

Xiaolin Hou, Risø-DTU, Denmark.


AMS analysis for long-lived radionuclides

Vasily Alfimov, ETH, Switzerland.


ICP-MS analysis for long-lived radionuclides

Per Roos, Risø-DTU, Denmark.


Application of ICP-MS and AMS for determination of Pu- and U-isotope ratios for source identification

Lindis Skipperud, UMB, Norway.


Hot particle measurement techniques and application

Mats Eriksson, IAEA-MEL, Monaco.


SIMS technique and its application for hot particle characterisation

Ylva Ranebo, Lund University, Sweden.



Session 3: Rapid methods for radionuclide analysis


Application of off-line and on-line sequential injection system with high resolution ICP-MS to measurement of low level radionuclides in environmental samples

C.K. Kim, IAEA, Seibersdorf, Austria.


Rapid analytical methods for determination of actinides

Xiongxin Dai, Chalk River, Canada.


Rapid and Simultaneous Determination of Np and Pu in Environmental Samples Using Sequential Injection Setup

Jixin Qiao, Risø-DTU, Denmark.



Session 4: Radioanalytical methods and procedures


The use of 99Mo/99mTc generators in the analysis of low levels of 99Tc in environmental samples by radiochemical methods

Justin Gwynn, NRPA, Norway.


Radiochemistry analysis of 99Tc in environmental samples

Jussi Jernström, Risø-DTU, Denmark.


Absorption study of Am and Cm to TEVA, TRU and DGA Resins

Aude Bombard, TRISKEM, France.


Radiochemical analysis of 90Sr, 41Ca, 129I and 36Cl in waste samples

Xiaolin Hou, Risø-DTU, Denmark.


Radiochemical analysis of Ra, 210Po, 210Pb, U and Th

Per Roos, Risø-DTU, Denmark.


Radiochemical analysis of 3H, 14C, 55Fe, 63Ni in waste samples

Xiaolin Hou, Risø-DTU, Denmark.


Radiochemistry at the Environmental Monitoring Section at Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Kjeller, Norway

Rajdeep Singh Sidhu, IFE, Norway.


Advances in Isotopic Separation by Ion Chromatography and External Scintillation Analysis

Anna Ljungfalk, Ringhals NPP, Sweden.


Distribution of 129I in the Baltic Sea using a model approach

Peng Yi, Uppsala University, Sweden.


Multi-element analyses for estimation of concentration ratios with site specific chemistry data from two sites in southern Sweden

Sara Nordén, SKB, Sweden.

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