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NKS-B RADIOANALYSIS workshop 2-6 September 2013

Presentations from the 2nd NKS-B Workshop on Radioanalytical Chemistry, Risø, Roskilde, Denmark, 2-6th September 2013


J.P. Lynov (DTU-NUTECH, Denmark): Opening talk on behalf of DTU-NUTECH   rw1lynov.pdf (432.2 KB)


S.P. Nielsen (DTU-NUTECH, Denmark): Opening talk on behalf of Radioecology Programme, DTU-NUTECH  rw2nielsen.pdf (1 MB)


K.G. Andersson (DTU-NUTECH, Denmark / NKS): Opening talk on behalf of NKS  rw3andersson.pdf (139.9 KB)


J. Lehto (University of Helsinki, Finland): The chemistry behind analytical actinide separations  rw4lehto.pdf (468.7 KB)


X.L. Hou (DTU-NUTECH, Denmark): Radioanalytical chemistry in decommisioning of nuclear facilities  rw5houradioanalytical_chemistry.pdf (1 MB)


I.W. Croudace (University of Southampton, United Kingdom): Application of thermal desorption techniques in the characterisation of nuclear decommissioning wastes  rw6croudance.pdf (1.8 MB)


J. Du (East China Normal University, China): Analysis of radionuclides in marine environment and their implications  rw7_du.pdf (1.9 MB)


P.E. Warwick (National Oceanography Center, United Kingdom): Methodologies for determination of radionuclides in environmental or waste samples  rw8warwick_1.pdf (3 MB)


X.L. Hou (DTU-NUTECH, Denmark): Updated analytical methods for determination of Ni-63, Fe-55 and Sr-90  rw9hou_63ni55fe.pdf (1037782 B)


A. Bombard (Triskem, France): New extraction chromatographic resin -CL rsin for separation of Cl-36 and I-129  rw10bombard.pdf (415.1 KB)


P. Steier (University of Vienna, Austria): Determination of radionuclides using AMS  rw11steier.pdf (3.2 MB)


P. Roos (DTU-NUTECH, Denmark): Determination of radioisotopes using ICP-MS - the coupling between chemistry and instrumentation  rw12roos.pdf (1.4 MB)


M. Eriksson (Swedish Radiation Safety Authority - SSM, Sweden): Nuclear fingerprinting of radioactive material in a radiological and nuclear safeguard perspective  rw13_mats_eriksson.pdf (3.1 MB)


J. Eikenberg (PSI, Switzerland): Principles of liquid scintillation counting: theories and applications  rw14eikenberg.pdf (626.9 KB)


S.P. Nielsen (DTU-NUTECH, Denmark): alpha, beta and gamma measurements of environmental radioactivity  rw15nielsen.pdf (1.2 MB)


B. Salbu (University of Life Sciences, Norway): Speciation analysis of radionuclides in the environment  rw17salbu.pdf (2.6 MB)


J.W. Grate (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA): Methodology and application of automation in radiochemical separations and analysis  rw18grate.pdf (2.4 MB)


J. Qiao (DTU-NUTECH, Denmark): Automation and methodology development for environmental and biological determination of Pu, Np, U and Tc  rw19qiao_1.pdf (609.6 KB)


M. Granfors (Studsvik, Sweden): Isotope dilution analysis of Sr-90 using dynamic reaction cell inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (IDA-DRC-ICP-MS)  rw20granfors.pdf (1.6 MB)


H. Kim (Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea): A simultaneous pre-concentration procedure of Sr and Pu from seawater using precipitation  rw21kim.pdf (1.7 MB)


M. Olsson (Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB, Sweden): An overview of methods for nuclide specific NPP release monitoring  rw22olsson.pdf (186.4 KB)


D. Pittauerova (University of Bremen, Germany): Mathematical efficiency calibration in gamma spectrometry for analysis in natural and fallout radionuclides in sediments  rw23pittauerova_1.pdf (429.9 KB)


M. Yang (KTH, Sweden): Inhibition of radiation induced dissolution of UO2 by sulfide - a comparison with the hydrogen effect  rw24yang.pdf (1.6 MB)


S. Englund (OKG AB, Sweden): Evaluation of 'double separation' to avoid interference by Co in the analysis of Ni-63  rw25englund.pdf (140.7 KB)


Y. Xu (DTU-NUTECH, Denmark): Plutonium isotopes in Chinese soils and its potential application for tracing soil erosion  rw26xu.pdf (478.5 KB)



Additional document  C. Walther (Leibniz University Hannover, Germany)

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