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NKS-B NordDSS workshop 1–2 October 2009

Session 1:


Use of Decision Support Systems at NRPA

Jan Erik Dyve, NRPA


ARGOS CBRN overview

Steen Hoe, DEMA


Emergency management is a collaborative effort and what does this mean for support systems

Michael Ammann, STUK


SE / DSS (NR) / 2009

Jonas Lindgren, SSM


Session 2:


Australian use of ARGOS in Radiation Emergency Preparedness

Stephen Solomon, ARPANSA


ARGOS in Brasil

Pedro P. de Lima-e-Silva, CNEN


Nuclear Emergency Decision Support Systems in Canada

Dominique Nsengiyumva, Health Canada


Use of DSS in Germany

Florian Gering, BfS


DSS ARGOS and RODOS within emergency management

Ernest Staro Staroń, PAA


Session 3:


ARGOS Food & Dose Module Implementation in Ireland

Catherine Organo, RPII


Data Visualization Using Web GIS Software

Tuomas Peltonen, STUK


ARGOS in the future

Jan Pehrsson, PDC


What can we expect from DSS‘s in the future (RODOS)

Florian Gering, BfS

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