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Activity name POMMI
Project summary A nuclear fuel pellet experience a harsh environment during its normal operation. This includes high irradiation doses, variable temperature and temperature gradients. Temperature loads in fuel pellets cause cracking that has microstructural origin. This project focuses on cracking modeling in different kinds of fuel pellets. In task 1 VTT will study the applicability of different models on cracking and consequences to macroscopic modeling, in task 2 KTH will develop and perform atomistic scale fracture parameters for different kinds of fuels, and in task 3 VTT and KTH will connect the atomistic model parameters to microscopic scale fracture modeling. In the first year, modeling will focus only on UO2.

Task 1 Dimensional changes and mesoscale cracking modeling

In this task, different tempeture gradients occuring in the fuel pellet during its normal operation are included in the cracking modeling. The thermal stresses are applied in the mesoscale fuel performance code MARMOT and comparisonal study will be done with VTT's in-house code properTune. The results will be compared to macroscopic models in the BISON and FINIX codes, and implications of different cracking behavior will be discussed. VTT will carry out this task.

Task 2 Evaluation of model parameters

In this task, atomistic scale simulations will be applied for the quantitative evaluation of microstructural fracture parameters. KTH will carry out this task.

Task 3 Implementation of multiscale fracture models

In this task, VTT and KTH will collaborate in bridging the atomistic scale parameters into microstructural fracture models in the MARMOT and properTune codes.


Lead organisation VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd
Contact person Janne Heikinheimo, , +358207225055


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