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Activity name PERLAD: Analysis of the Performance of LaBr3 Detectors for Fresh Fallout Response
NKS-B Research Area Measurement strategies, technology and quality assurance
Project summary

LaBr3 detectors have over the past decade become more common in emergency preparedness and monitoring systems due to inherent advantages over NaI systems with respect to resolution and over HPGe systems with respect to cost and portability. As the technology is, relatively speaking, new, there has been little chance to test current iterations of these detectors in contexts involving fresh fallout as such detectors were not widely deployed during the Chernobyl or Fukushima accidents. Despite the aforementioned advantages, the most commonly discussed disdvantage to LaBr3 detectors is the presence of an intrinsic background signal in the detector crystals due to naturally occuring isotopes of La and its analogues which among other things generate peaks at a number of points in the spectrum. The PERLAD project will appraise the use of LaBr3 detectors in fresh fallout situations. This will be conducted using combinations of actual and simulated spectra for a variety of fallout compositions. Spectra will be compared with those for both NaI and HPGe and critical appraisals of the appropriateness of software analysis routines for fresh fallout LaBr3 spectra will be completed. The PERLAD project will address the gap that exists with respect to the performance of LaBr3 detectors in conditions of significant activities of a complex range of isotopes. By focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of such detectors relative to standard detector types for fresh fallout monitoring, the project will contribute to the design of monitoring systems and the optimisation of the use of such detectors with respect to analysis routines.

Lead Organization Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA), Norway
Contact Person Mark Dowdall
phone number: +47 67162546


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