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DTM-DECOM III: Intercomparision exercise in analysis of DTM in decommissioning waste 




NKS-B Research Area Measurement strategy, technology and quality assurance  



The lack of reference materials in DTM analysis in decommissioning waste is an on-going issue. The third year, namely DTM-Decom III, will focus on analysis of a spent ion exchange resin. This material can contain both activated corrosion products and fission products from leaking fuel. DTMs from both of these groups is planned be analysed. Even though the spent ion exchange resins can contain alpha emitters the focus will be on the beta emitting DTMs (Fe-55, Ni-63, Sr-90 etc).


Lead Organization VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland  
Contact Person Anumaija Leskinen
phone number: +358 405167338


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