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Activity name

RAD-MERDE: Radioanalytical Separation Method for Determining Pu, Am and Cm by alpha spectrometry - Method Expansion from Reactor water to Decommissioning and Environmental samples


NKS-B Research Area Emergency Preparedness
Project summary

Outcomes from the NKS OPTIMETHOD project (2018-2019) include an optimised method for separation of Pu, Am and Cm isotopes from NPP reactor water samples. This method is now tested in the proposed project via inter-comparison with different solid sample matrices for validating the previously optimised method for covering decommissioning and environmental samples as well, and expanding its usability. This will produce a beneficial tool for environmental and decommissioning sample analyses performed in laboratories of NPPs, national authorities, research institutes, universities, etc.


Another task is to arrange a user workshop of alpha spectrometry, inviting all interested scientists and students from Scandinavia to present their work and network with other alpha spectrometry users.

Lead Organization University of Helsinki
Contact Person

Susanna Salminen-Paatero:

phone number: +358 504486720

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