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NKS-B Proposals and Evaluation for 2020


Proposals and Evaluations:


doc nks-b_instructions_for_evaluators_2020.doc (254.5 KB)


docx nksb_evaluation_form_2020.docx (63.2 KB)


docx nksb_ranking_form_2020.docx (43 KB)









ACTMOD  New actmod_1 actmod_2




DDM  New ddm_1 ddm_2

DTM DECOM II  Continued dtm_decom_ii_1 dtm_decom_ii_2

ECOFOOD  New ecofood__1 ecofood__2

GAMMARAY X  New gammarayx_1 gammarayx_2

NUCSEM  New nucsem_1  

PLOMOPOL  New plomopol_1  

RAD-MERDE  New rad-merde_1 rad-merde_2

SEMINAL  New seminal_1 seminal_2

SHIELDMORC 2020 Continued shieldmorc_2020_1 shieldmorc_2020_2

SLIM Continued slim_1  

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