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Webinar for users of alpha spectrometry


15-16 March 2022


NKS RAD-MERDE project organises a user meeting for the Nordic alpha spectrometry community. Researchers, students, and analysts dealing with environmental radioactivity, nuclear decommissioning, NPP emission monitoring, environmental surveillance, industry, etc. are encouraged to participate and present their work in the webinar. This gives an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences, discuss technical issues, methodology, problems, and advances related to alpha spectrometry. University of Helsinki (UH) will organise the webinar via Zoom. Registration form with an optional submission of a presentation title will be active in January 2022 and it will be published at NKS web pages. The program of the two-day webinar and participation link will be sent to registered participants after closing the registration. Even before the registration opens, please contact Susanna Salminen-Paatero (UH) if you have special considerations for the webinar, or if you want to propose a presentation topic:


RAD-MERDE team is looking forward to gathering with new and old Nordic alpha spectrometry users in March! (University of Helsinki, SSM Sweden, DTU Denmark, Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, and Fortum Loviisa NPP)


Registration for NKS Alpha User Webinar (15.-16.3.2022) is now open!

Please fill in the registration form with your contact info and possible presentation topic

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