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Uncertainties in decision support (Bent Lauritzen, DTU Nutech)   

pdf 2018_nks_avesome_seminar-bl.pdf (1.3 MB)                   


Uncertainty of numerical weather prediction (Henrik Feddersen, DMI)   

pdf avesome_nwp_feddersen.pdf (2.1 MB)       


Meteorological uncertainty of atmospheric dispersion modelling – NKS-B projects MUD and MESO (Jens Havskov Sørensen, DMI)  

pdf mudmeso_jens.pdf (3.6 MB)                       


Fukushima accident: Uncertainty of atmospheric dispersion modelling – NKS-B project FAUNA (Jerzy Bartnicki, Met Norway)

pdf aveome_fauna_jb.pdf (1.8 MB)


Position optimisation techniques for radioactive incident monitoring (Rodolphe Dewarrat, IMSD)  

pdf presentation_dewarrat.pdf (4.2 MB)


The Rapid Source Term Prediction (RASTEP) model (Elisabeth Tengborn, Lloyd's)  

pdf rastep_-_avesome.pdf (511.7 KB)


The FASTNET project (Isabelle Devol-Brown, IRSN)  

pdf presentation_fastnet_09-18.pdf (671 KB)                                               


Determination, quantification and propagation of uncertainties related to atmospheric dispersion in the CONFIDENCE project (Irène Korsakissok, IRSN)   

pdf confidence.pdf (2.2 MB)


Combined effects of source term and meteorological uncertainty on dispersion modelling – NKS-B project AVESOME (Robert Sigg, FOI, and Jens Havskov Sørensen, DMI)

pdf avesome_workshop_2018_foi_sigg.pdf (725.3 KB)   pdf avesome_jens.pdf (5.9 MB)


Implementation in Decision Support Systems (Jan Pehrsson, PDC-ARGOS)  

pdf avesome_argos_uncertainty_september_2018_pdc.pdf (2.6 MB)




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