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Activity name SITRON - SITe Risk Of Nuclear installations
Project summary

The importance of multi-unit Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) has increased after the Fukushima Daiichi accident in March 2011. The major part of nuclear power sites house more than one nuclear power plant unit (NPP) and other nuclear facilities such as a spent fuel pool storage. Currently, multi-unit risks have not been accounted for adequately in risk assessments, but the multi-unit PSA is intensively discussed internationally.


The objective of the project is to search feasible approaches to assess the site level risk. This objective concerns with safety goals, risk criteria and PSA applications for a multi-unit site. Multi-unit risk assessment is not only limited to reactors but also other relevant sources for radioactive release such as spent fuel pools and storages. The second objective with the project is to develop methods to assess the risk for multi-unit scenarios. This objective concerns with analysis methods to consider the dependencies between the units. Pilot studies will be carried out to test and to demonstrate the proposed approach. The third objective is to develop applications for site risk analysis. In this respect, SITRON will study the role of Technical Support Centre (TSC) in multi-unit scenarios. The project will also follow the international development in this field.

Lead organisation Risk Pilot AB, Finland
Contact person Jan-Erik Holmberg,, +358 40 827 6656
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Boks 49
DK-4000 Roskilde
  Telephone +45 46 77 40 41

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