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Instructions for applicants


Proposals for NKS-R activities, which are to receive NKS funding in 2015, have to be submitted on the Proposal form, which can be found at the NKS web site. If you have any questions or problems filling in the form please contact the Programme Manager, Karin Andgren.



Please note that the preferred language to be used in the proposal form and supplementary description is English.


Summary information about the proposed activity

Please note that information in this section may be made public if the activity is accepted. Suggest an acronym for your activity (not too long) and please use the same acronym if it is a continuation of an ongoing activity. Drop-down form fields are used to select the options “New activity” or “Ongoing activity” and to select one of the following categories:


1. Thermal hydraulics

2. Severe accidents

3. Reactor physics

4. Risk analysis

5. Organisation and safety culture

6. Decommissioning

7. Plant life management and extension


Please consult the Framework document for NKS-R which can be found on the NKS web site for further information on the individual categories.

The requested funding for 2015 should be given in thousand DKK, with comma as a separator for decimals. If continuation of the activity is assumed in 2016 (and possibly later), please state the expected requested funding in thousand DKK for subsequent years. Please note, NKS will only award funding for 1 year at a time and additional funding for continuation of an activity must be applied for on a separate basis through subsequent NKS-R Call for Proposals.


NOTE: Activities planned to extend over more than 1 year should be scheduled and conducted in such a way that distinct and discrete deliverables are produced in each year. To allow NKS evaluators to assess the progress in the ongoing activity period, it is strongly recommended to provide as part of the application for continuation a clear overview of measureable results achieved so far.


Relevance of proposed activity to NKS criteria

It must be clearly demonstrated by the applicant why NKS should support the proposed activity in accordance with the NKS-R framework and by addressing the following relevant NKS criteria:


1. Added Nordic value

Will the proposed activity lead to an increase in Nordic competence and/or building of informal networks within a relevant NKS-R framework area and how will this be achieved?

2. Technical and/or scientific standard

How does the proposed activity demonstrate a suitable technical and/or scientific standard?

3. Distinct and measurable goals

What will the proposed activity deliver as a result of the proposed work programme? It is important to ensure that it is clear to the evaluators what the proposed activity will set out to achieve.

4. Relevance to NKS end-users

Is the proposed activity relevant to NKS end-users and which NKS end-users is the proposed activity targeting? It will strengthen the proposal if the interest of relevant end users is clearly demonstrated and not only assumed.

5. Participation of young scientists

Will the proposed activity involve young scientists in the proposed work programme and if so how? In this context, those studying at degree, masters, PhD level and those in their first 2 years of postdoctoral work would be considered as ‘young scientists’

6. Links to other national/international programmes

Does the proposed activity have a link to ongoing or past research programmes or activities? In particular, it should be clear where a proposed activity builds upon previously funded NKS activities.


Co-ordination of activity

One co-ordinator must be responsible for ensuring that the proposed work is carried out as described and on time.


Other organisations involved

Other participants in the work (especially those who will receive part of the funding) must also be listed. It is requested that participants in approved NKS activities register their contact details in the NKS database via the NKS secretariat ( Note, in order to be eligible for funding from NKS, a proposed activity should include participants from a minimum of 3 Nordic countries. Non-Nordic participation in NKS activities is possible, but NKS funding of non-Nordic organisations is not possible. 


Assumed distribution of NKS funding amongst participants

Please give the assumed distribution of NKS funding amongst participants. This may be revised before the order for work is finalised. Note; please ensure the proposal contains a realistic budget for the work proposed.


Assumed distribution of own contribution funding amongst participants

Please give the assumed distribution of own contribution funding amongst participants. It is important that participants realize that the NKS requires that value of own contributions to the work must be at least equal to the funding received from NKS. Own contribution funding can include both in-kind contributions (e.g. in work time, use of equipment, materials and facilities) and other external funding sources.


Milestones, deliverables

It is very important to define clearly what is to be done and when. Normally each activity has a number of steps (milestones) and also some deliverable(s). The NKS-R programme manager will contact the activity leader during the duration of the activity for updates on progress. The last deliverable is normally the final report, which will be published by the NKS Secretariat as a formal NKS report. Please note, that where an activity is anticipated to continue for more than one year, a final report is expected to be delivered after each year of the activity as funding cannot be guaranteed for continuing activities.

The final report can be a paper and electronic report, or only an electronic one, but in both cases the report will be formally registered at the NKS and through the international library network. Printing costs of modest paper reports can be covered centrally by NKS-R (there is no need to use the activity funding for this), but printing of more sophisticated reports (e.g. thick reports using colour figures) may need to be included in the budget of the activity. Information about possible printing costs can be obtained from the NKS Secretariat. The NKS-R programme manager will contact the activity leader during the duration of the activity for updates on progress.


Submission of proposal

The filled out Proposal form must be sent from the official e-mail address of the co-ordinator of the activity (this procedure replaces having to send in a signed form). Please contact the Programme Manager in advance if you have problems with this arrangement. Date of sending the proposal by e-mail will be taken as the date of submission.


Supplementary description

A free format supplementary description of the proposed activity can be sent as a separate document. Please, keep this supplementary description to a maximum of 4 pages. Applicants may provide internet links in their supplementary description to additional sources of information that may support their application, but please bear in mind that evaluators may not have the means or the time to access large quantities of supporting electronic information.

The supplementary description should be used in order to give more details concerning the proposed activity and may for example include some scientific and/or technical background information, a more in depth discussion of the research approach to be employed as well as more detailed aspects of the planned budget and use of funds. If the proposed activity is a continuation of an ongoing funded activity, it is encouraged to include a brief description of any results and/or milestones that have been achieved, in order to demonstrate the progress made.

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