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Activity name BIORAD: Evaluation of the BIOaccumulation processes for a wide set of RADionuclides under accidental releases by biota
NKS-B Research Area Radioecology
Project summary

Bioaccumulation of radionuclides by biota is a crucial topic within the analysis of consequences for humans and animals following radionuclide releases to the environment. Kinetic modelling of the bioaccumulation processes has been shown to provide more realistic results when compared to an appoach based on concentration ratio (CR). Unfortunately, information about parameters for kinetic modelling for many radionuclides and biota is lacking. At the same time analysis of bioaccumulation processes for potential release scenarios for nuclear submarines demonstrate that it is incorrect to use both kinetic modelling and concentration ratio (CR) approaches simultaneously.
The objective of the proposed study is to evaluate the bioaccumulation processes for a wide set of radionuclides and biota. Then we intend to use the kinetic bioaccumulation model to analyze the consequences after selected accidental releases.
The proposed study includes three phases: (I) choosing the kinetic parameters based on available information, (II) mathematical experiments for selected radionuclides and animals and (III) analyzing the consequences for the selected accident release scenarios based on results from phases (I) and (II).
Phase 1 includes literature review, the extraction from existing databases and from the allometric approach. Phase II includes mathematical experiments for selected radionuclides and animals. Phase III includes the analysis of consequences for the selected accident release scenario.
The prelimenary reports after the conclusion of phase 1 og phase 2 respectively will be our major milestones. The study will be concluded with our final report, which will summarise our results and ensuing discussion, and act as our deliverable.

Lead Organization Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA), Norway
Contact Person Mikhail Iosjpe
phone number: +47 99038975


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