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Activity name

SHIELDMORC: Detection distances and methods to locate orphan gamma radiation sources in shielded building geometries by mobile gamma spectrometry


NKS-B Research Area Emergency Preparedness
Project summary

The activity SHIELDMORC deals with complex situations. The models for maximum detection distances and localization of radiation sources developed in previous activities will be further developed to include the shielding effects of buildings and shielding of transport containers. Measurement data from the AUTOMORC experiment obtained by the Nordic teams in 2018 will be reused and combined with new mobile test measurements by Lund University in shielded geometries in 2019. The goal of SHIELDMORC 2019 is to obtain calculation models for maximum detection distances and localization of radiation sources in shielded geometries in buildings using mobile gamma spectrometry. The goal is also to test and propose set-ups of practical experiments with mobile measuring equipment in order to verify the calculations.

The set-ups are intended for a continuation in 2020, where all Nordic teams will gather during three days to perform mobile gamma spectrometry with sources in shielded building geometries to verify the computation methods and gain further experience from measurements in these more complex geometries.

Lead Organization Medical Physics, Dept. of Translational Medicine, Lund University, Sweden
Contact Person Christopher Rääf 
phone number: +46 40 331145


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