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Activity name

NORCON: Nordic Nuclear Accident Consequence Analysis


NKS-B Research Area Emergency Preparedness
Project summary

The NORCON activity focuses on a pan-nordic assessment of the dispersal and transport of contamination after an accident involving a nuclear powerplant in the Nordic region as well as the assessment of the long term consequences to man, environment and society. Recent events, such as those that occurred as a result of the accident in Japan, have demonstrated the need for coherent, regional level response in relation to a number of aspects that include, but are not limited to, contaminant transport predictions, potential human/environmental impacts, countermeasures and remediation. While the response of individual countries to accidents in terms of recommendations, counter measures etc. may differ, a common understanding on the regional level of the basis upon which decisions are being made by individual countries aids in establishment of coherent, robust and holistic responses to nuclear accidents. The Nordic countries have engaged proactively over two decades in establishing and maintaining the foundations of regional level response, amply evidenced by initiatives such as “The Nordic Manual” of 2006, recommendations for Nordic Intervention Criteria for Nuclear or Radiological Emergencies of 2001, the Nordic “flag books” and the existence of a range of “Nordic Groups” under the umbrella of nuclear emergency management. A distillation of the Nordic experience regarding Fukushima held at Stockholm in January of 2013 produced a range of observations of relevance regarding regional level responses, two of which are the intended objectives of this proposal – improvements in the exchange of assessments between Nordic nuclear safety experts and addressing the situation whereby a major accident occurs in the Nordic region itself. The NORCON project addresses these matters by conducting both regional and national assessments based on a common source term and representative for a situation that could arise in the Nordic region. In this regard, the NORCON project focusses primarily on the Ringhals facility in Sweden, each participant country conducting the full suite of assessments likely to be employed after a serious accident. Comparison of the methods of assessment, the outputs of such assessments and the means by which they underly decisions taken later will allow the individual countries to critically examine, compare and contrast the results generated and the means by which they were generated. In this manner a better understanding will be obtained of the how the Nordic region responds to nuclear accidents - both individually and on the regional level ensuring more robust, consistent response to accidents likely to have severe impacts on the region.

Lead Organization Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA), Norway
Contact Person Mark Dowdall
phone number: +47 67162546

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