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Activity name ECOFOOD: Adaptation of FDMT to the Nordic Conditions
NKS-B Research Area Emergency preparedness
Project summary

The Terrestrial Food Chain and Dose Model (FDMT) is a component of the decision support systems, RODOS and ARGOS, that are currently used in the nordic countries for response to nuclear emergencies. FDMT allows modelling the transfer of radionuclides in terrestrial food chains following an atmospheric deposition, to obtain estimates of radionuclide concentrations in foodstuffs and doses to the public from their ingestion. Not all food chains that are relevant for the nordic conditions are currently supported by FDMT. An example is the food chain in contaminated forests. Moreover, the modelling of some of the foodchains included in RODOS is not optimal for the nordic conditions, resulting in difficulties with the parameterization of the models. This project is about addresssing these deficiencies by adding to FDMT those foodchains of interest that are missing and by improving the modelling of the radionuclide transfer in nordic terrestrial food chains. The final product of this project will be a terrestrial food chain model, EcoFood, adapted to the nordic conditions. The model will be implemented in the Ecolego software and will be made available for use in a standalone manner, i.e. outside ARGOS and RODOS


Lead Organization AF Consult AB
Contact Person

Rodolfo Avila:

phone number: +46 707671366


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